Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why do the Cons have it out for Atlantic Canada?

I posed the following questions today (May 1st) in the House of Commons.

Question 1:

It's not just unemployed young people who are being shut out by this Conservative government -

all four Atlantic provinces have stood up as one and said NO to Conservative EI cuts ...

They've said NO to forcing workers to take a 30 per cent wage cut ...

They've said NO to Conservative contempt for seasonal industries ...

They've said NO to policies that treat unemployed workers like criminals.

Mr. Speaker, when will the Conservatives listen to the premiers and stop their attacks on Atlantic Canada?

Question 2:

What's it going to take for the minister to get the message?

Her attacks on Atlantic Canadians are hurting our outports, our communities.

But the news only gets worse for the East.

The latest victim of Conservative cuts to the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency is a two-decades old regional development agency in Cape Breton.

First, they had to lay off half their staff - and now their doors will be shut for good.

Mr. Speaker,

They're slashing frontline agencies that foster development ... how does that help grow Atlantic Canada's economy?

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