Thursday, May 2, 2013

Search and rescue changes too little, too late

I posed the following question today (May 2nd) in the House of Commons.

The minister's announcement is clearly too little, too late - the lives of Canadian mariners are still at risk.

Mr. Speaker, under the Conservative watch search and rescue has deteriorated for years - years.

Now - only now - they're scrambling to pick up the pieces.

The search and rescue volunteer association represents thousands of volunteers, but is now facing collapse.

Yet this minister didn't even bother to respond to their calls.

Why is the minister giving the cold shoulder to stakeholders?

Mr. Speaker,

Why is search and rescue such a low priority for this government?

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Sylvia J. said...

It took the life of Burton Winters and the determination of those who carried the torch for him that brought about any attention to this issue.