Friday, May 24, 2013

Statement on Ray Guy in the Commons: a fierce NLer and bayman of the finest kind

I gave the following statement today (May 24th) in the House of Commons.
Mr. Speaker,
I rise to pay homage to the greatest of Newfoundland and Labrador journalists/columnists and satirists - the fearless Ray Guy.

Joey Smallwood, the province’s first premier, ruled like an emperor for more than two decades.
Using weapons like political intimidation, Smallwood’s influence extended to every nook and cranny and went largely unchecked.

Until Ray Guy.

Ray had a Mark Twain-meets outport Newfoundland and Labrador genius to his writing.

He decided early on that the only course was to perhaps “giggle the bastards to death”

Ray Guy was a fierce Newfoundlander and a bayman in the very best sense of the word.
He probably couldn’t put an arse in a cat – but the boy could write.

In the words of Rex Murphy, Ray Guy stripped the blinkers from our eyes and said, “see, there is something noble and strong and valuable in the Newfoundlander as he was and as he is, and in his Country.”
Ray once wrote that the Rock never cries.

And it doesn’t, but The Rock is drenched with the tears shed over the loss of such greatness as Ray Guy.

Note: The quote attributed to Rex Murphy was a mixtake. The quote is actually found in the introduction to Ray Guy's 1975 book, You May Know Them as Sea Urchins, Ma'am.





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