Monday, March 7, 2011

James Bond himself wouldn't have a problem with NL's Respect Women TV ad

To mark International Women’s Day (Tuesday, March 8th), Daniel Craig has taken on his most “unusual role yet” — dressing up as a woman while in character as James Bond.

The powerful, two-minute video highlights inequalities experienced by women around the world, and is narrated by Judie Dench, who plays Bond’s controller M in the spy films, but is best known in NL for her role in The Shipping News.

She asks whether Bond, “someone with such a fondness for women”, has ever considered “what it might be like to be like one”.

Like I said — powerful.

Here in NL, there’s controversy over the NL government’s Respect Women TV ad — one spoke in a six-year, $12-million campaign.

The text is straight forward enough:

You’ll show him how to spell his name, and how to tie his shoes, to play ball, and to share. Make sure you show him how to respect women.

As a father, I've got no problem with that.

I taught my boys how to tie their laces.

I can also teach them about respect for women.

But some people — including Randy Lieb-Warmsworth of Ramea — have written letters to the editor of The Telegram describing the commercial as a “cynical, righteous, exploitative misrepresentation.”

Others disagree.

“Who better to teach them (boys) to respect the women in their life?” asked Emily Thompson of St. John’s in another letter to the editor.

I bet OO7 wouldn't have a problem with the commercial.


Ursula said...

Personally I find the ad very distasteful .Not only is it condescending towards women ,it makes the case for boys being the stronger , smarter species .Why not teach self-respect ,it is only commonsense that if one believes in one's worth and dignity , that that concept can be transferred to others . As we live in a patriarchal society in this province , we tend to bestow unwarranted importance on the male figurehead . Right from the start this ad makes a veiled distinction between male and female ,and that is the origin of our societal woes.

blindacceptance said...

My parents always taught me to be respectful of others, and in turn I would be shown respect. So far this has been true.

We need to teach our children to respect everyone, not just women. I have seen women disrespect men, and laugh about it.

We should strive for a society where each individual is treated equally.

Anonymous said...

You think men shouldn't be taught to respect women? Watch this video: