Saturday, March 5, 2011

The little boats of Newfoundland may be saved yet

Earlier this week I posed the question, Are the little boats of Newfoundland doomed? The following is Gus Etchegary’s response.


In Newfoundland and Labrador — as in Norway, Iceland, Alaska, and other advanced fishing nations — there is room for offshore and inshore fisheries, for various reasons.

That’s providing Canada provides a well-managed fishery, examples of which are conducted in the Barents Sea north of Russia or the South Atlantic.

In Iceland and Norway, for example, 75 per cent of fish is landed by stable, ice-strengthened offshore trawlers, with the remainder harvested by a very viable inshore fleet. The earnings of Icelandic and Norwegian fishermen, on a per capita basis, are fifth and sixth in the world.

You need a year-round supply of all species to effectively market in international competition. Inshore boats generally operate from the April/May period to October/November. Some offshore species can be fished only during winter months.

Most importantly, if Canadians don’t catch their own offshore quotas, the Law of the Sea and regional commissions demand they be turned over to foreigners to catch.

Gus Etchegary,

Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s


Gambolian said...

When it comes to fighters I do think
Mr.Etchegary wins most of the time.
Newfoundlanders everywhere can say thanx to Gus for so much of the Justice that we know today.

Anonymous said...

Right on Gus.

Maybe you should be he head of a revived Fisheries Board like this Nation enjoyed proir to the fatal mistake called Confederation. It has bleed us and our most valuable renewable resourse dry for the past sixty years.

Wayne R. Bennett
NL Independent Candidate
Humber - St. Barbe - Baie Verte