Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Harper overload

I canvassed today on Canada Drive, Empire Avenue and Grenfell Avenue in St. John’s.


“Danny Williams’ leaving was the price of the Lower Churchill guarantee.”

— Cornwall Avenue resident.


Jack Layton’s proposal to limit credit-card interest rates to a maximum of 5 percentage points over the prime rate went over well with one resident of Canada Drive.

The man, who was smoking outside his front door when I caught up with him, came straight out and said he liked the idea.

He mentioned a girl he knew who had missed several credit-card payments, and, as a result, the companies gradually raised her interest rate to 28 per cent.

The man said he recently paid off the woman’s $2,200 credit-card debt, and she’s repaying him at $50 a week.

No interest.

The man said he knows a lot of people who have gotten “burned” by high interest rates.

Who doesn’t?


The most common theme at the doors is a dislike for Stephen Harper. “I just don’t want to see Harper back,” said another resident of Canada Drive. “I think they (Tory MHAs who back federal Conservative candidates) are tainted too.”


A retired senior on Canada Drive said he had received a “wicked high” oil bill in the mail on Monday — $585 for 5 weeks.

Which was a great opportunity for me to tell him about the New Democrat proposal to remove the HST from home heating.

But the man’s biggest complaint was about Harper. “For Harper to be out telling people that he was defeated on the budget is a crock. He was defeated for contempt of Parliament, but then he was in contempt of Parliament for years. Look at how many times he prorogued it.”


One woman said she heard Stephen Harper would be in St. John’s today and was on her way to pick up a “bag of eggs.”

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Brent said...

I think the prov PCs have under estimated the disdain that exists for Harper in NL. Hopefully voters reject Harper's cronies in May and bring the arrogant Dunderdale caucas down a notch in October. Why Dunderdale would expend her political capital for the liar Harper is beyond me, it makes me wonder why the Muskrat deal is being fast tracked. The environmental assessments are not even finished and some construction contracts are already awarded.(can you say RubberStamp) Its like they are trying to quickly sneak the Muskrat deal pass us before people know all the details.
I, for one, will not be voting for the old fossil that Harper has running in my riding and I think a lot of voters have been turned from Dunderdale aswell.