Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Inshore fisherman Sam Lambert hasn't paid union dues to the FFAW in 12 years

Inshore fisherman Samuel Lambert of Southport, Trinity Bay, says he hasn't paid union dues to the FFAW in about 12 years.

"The FFAW wasn't doing nothing for me," said Lambert, 71, owner of a 43 footer. "It wasn't listening to we, and shagging us in every way."

So Lambert, whom I met up with in December during a FISH-NL meeting in Hodge's Cove, did something about it.

Every year for about a dozen years, Lambert presents the below letter to the processor who buys his fish, revoking assignment of his union dues and directing that no further funds be withheld from his pay and forwarded to the FFAW.

Here's a copy of his letter. 

Find the actual legislation (Labour Relations Act) here — section 35 (3). 

Lambert also refers to the Fishing Industry Collective Bargaining Act, section 7 (1). Find it here.

I spoke recently to Glen Branton, CEO of the province's Labour Relations Board, regarding Lambert's claim that he doesn't have to pay union dues.

Brandon wasn't aware that harvesters such as Lambert could revoke dues.

By the way, notice the hat on Lambert's head.

He's a FISH-NL supporter. 


Anonymous said...

I haven't reviewed the legislation in whole, but the parts linked to are just talking about whether the employer should collect the dues or not. Since the law is vague about WHO can request the deductions be stopped, the employer was likely within their rights to follow the written request from the man in this story.

However, if (because I'm not entirely sure) the man was contractually/legally obligated to pay union dues, he may still be liable for those dues now. Just because the law allowed him to ask the processor to stop deducting dues doesn't necessarily mean that he can legally exempt himself from paying those dues.

Anonymous said...

Hey why have a comment section if you screen out all comments that don't support Cleary's apparent support of free loading right to work that every other union on the continent is opposed too! Its simple if dues are indeed optional as he suggests who is paying lawyers, staff and to support a strong union because if free loaders can opt out of FFAW they can also opt out of FISH!