Friday, December 9, 2016

Rigged or abnormally tilted? FFAW has control of system that decides new harvesters union

Make no mistake, this election is rigged, or at the very least abnormally tilted in the FFAW's favour. 

The Professional Fish Harvesters Certification Board in St. John's has the definitive list of fish harvesters in the province. 

That list will likely be used to determine whether FISH-NL has enough harvesters onside (50% + 1 must sign cards of support) to force a vote. 

That vote, to be carried out by the Labour Relations Board, will ultimately decide which union will represent harvesters. 

As it happens, the FFAW controls the Certification Board (and the list).

The Certification Board's Executive Board of Directors includes: Bill Broderick, chair (Inshore Director, FFAW); George Feltham, secretary (Inshore VP, FFAW); Keith Sullivan, vice-chairperson (FFAW President); Kimberly Penney, member at large (DFO); Mark Dolomount (Ex-Officio). 

The Certification Board's office is also located in the basement of the FFAW's multi-million dollar office building in St. John's. Almost like being in bed together. 
On Oct. 21st, I officially asked the Labour Relations Board to order the Certification Board to release its comprehensive list of fish harvesters to FISH-NL. 

There were 9,180 fish harvesters registered with the Board in 2015. The Certification Board refused, saying the information is confidential.
There's apparently been a "flurry" of activity as of late at the Certification Board's office, with new fish harvesters signing up and older ones renewing memberships. 

FISH-NL was warned today that it may have to sign up even more harvesters. 

Keeping in mind we don't know how many there are, their names, or where they live. 

Rigged or abnormally tilted?

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