Wednesday, December 28, 2016

FFAW’s 5-cent-a-pound lobster ‘levy’ most shocking of all secrets uncovered in 2016

Of all the questions that have been raised about FFAW secrecy/conflict of interest in recent months, one of the most shocking discoveries was that the union had proposed a 5 cent a pound ‘levy’ on lobster. 

Fish harvesters didn’t know about the FFAW proposal (how unbelievable is that?) until FISH-NL brought it to light in early December, and it was the Seafood Producers of Newfoundland and Labrador who actually killed it (how’s that for the ultimate irony, processors standing up for harvesters — and not their union). 

Find details of the FFAW proposal here

The FFAW argued the 5 cent levy was to cover the union’s “management” of the fishery. To quote the union: “The bulk of the work once conducted by DFO is now being done by the FFAW, with no financial or in-kind support from the processing sector.” 

The line between union and management isn’t so much blurred, as obliterated. 

How many lobster fishermen were asked their input on a levy? 

What lobster management duties has the FFAW actually taken over from DFO? 

Why has the FFAW given up on holding the Government of Canada to account for its fisheries management responsibilities as outlined under the Terms of Union? 

Has the FFAW taken over management responsibilities for other species besides lobster?

How many other secret details has the FFAW done without the input of its membership? 

Is that the reason why the FFAW is against outsider buyers?

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