Thursday, April 28, 2016

'The spirit of Newfoundland is just so low'

Quotes and notes from Premier’s time on Open Line today (April 28th):

— “Probably is,” in response to whether his plan to increase the HST (after vowing he wouldn’t, and repealing the Tory plan to do so) was something he would have done differently.

— "The CEDA fund is not off the table with us.” Meantime, a study has yet to be produced of the potential impacts of relinquishing Minimum Processing Requirements as part of the Canada/EU trade deal.

— “We are getting our fair share out of Ottawa.” That will be determined with decisions such as the future of the last-in, first-out management policy in the shrimp fishery.

— On the new tax on books: “It goes to show how difficult it is to grapple with a $2.7 billion deficit.”

— On full-day kindergarten: “It’s important for kids to socialize and spend time with children their own age.”

— On the appointment of Stan Marshall as CEO of Nalcor: “One of the things on his CV is commitment to Newfoundland and Labrador.”

— On the Sundara seniors’ home development that the premier owns: “Will Sundara get a government dollar? No.”

— On whether backbench MHAs who vote against the budget will be kicked out of causes: “That’s usually what happens.”

— On the change in the province’s finances pre vs. post election: “Things have changed dramatically.”

— “I feel the spirit of Newfoundland is just so low." Young father who called in after premier.

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