Friday, October 10, 2014

Employment Minister and his talent for LOL cats

I gave the following one-minute statement on Friday, Oct. 10th, in the House of Commons.

Mr. Speaker,

The Employment Minister is once again using his office for political party purposes.

Just before the last election, the NDP obtained Conservative Party plans to campaign in, quote, "very ethnic" ridings, a partisan plan drawn up on ministerial letterhead.

Now the minister is spending his days on Twitter, sending out crudely drawn attacks on opposition politicians.

But it's not the minister himself firing up Microsoft Paint to put block letters on opposition faces.

No, it's his staff who are putting this together.

Even the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation has had enough of his antics.

And who can forget the very same minister last year tweeting out how he thought it was, quote, a "good thing" that his staff were not unionized.

So while the mess he has made of the Temporary Foreign Worker program spirals out of control, the minister and his staff were devoted to the one thing they really know how to do.

Coming up with LOL cats.

Canadians deserve better.

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