Tuesday, June 3, 2014

All patronage dots point to Peter MacKay

Mr. Ryan Cleary (St. John's South—Mount Pearl, NDP): Mr. Speaker, speaking of wrong, the integrity commissioner ruled that John Lynn, a friend of the justice minister, hired four Conservative staffers at Enterprise Cape Breton without any competitive process.

Quote: “One can only conclude that it was motivated by patronage."

The question remains, who exactly directed John Lynn to stack the regional development association with patronage appointments? Who? The dots all connect to the Minister of Justice. Will the minister appear before committee to explain his role in this latest in a string of Conservative scandals?
Hon. Rob Moore (Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency), CPC): Mr. Speaker, we have already taken action on this file. I already confirmed last week that Mr. Lynn's appointment as CEO of Enterprise Cape Breton was terminated as of May 27, 2014.
What I think Canadians are wondering though, in light of today's revelations, is when is the NDP going to pay back the taxpayers dollars it has been wrongfully using throughout our country?

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