Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Time for Conservative accountability

I posed the following question today (May 27th) during Question Period in the House of Commons.

Mr. Ryan Cleary (St. John's South—Mount Pearl, NDP):
Mr. Speaker, Conservatives seem to think that the best way to deal with out-of-control patronage at Enterprise Cape Breton is to fire the guy who got the patronage in the first place, but no where do Conservatives take responsibility for the pork patronage.

Do Conservatives really expect Canadians to believe that hiring well connected Conservatives was all John Lynn's idea?
Time for some accountability, Mr. Speaker.
The minister has said that it is time to terminate Mr. Lynn's appointment, so I have a simple question. What severance package, what amount of severance, can Mr. Lynn expect?


Hon. Rob Moore (Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency), CPC)

Hon. Rob Moore (Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency), CPC): Mr. Speaker, as I have already mentioned twice to the hon. member's colleagues—he should listen to his colleague's questions in question period, by the way—we accept the public sector integrity commissioner's findings and ECBC has already implemented his recommendations. In fact, the public sector integrity commissioner acknowledges in his report that ECBC has already taken action and implemented a new recruitment and selection process, a policy that clearly incorporates fairness and transparency into the staffing process.

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