Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cons and Liberals entitled to their entitlements. My question today in the Commons ...

I posed the following question today (May 29th) in the  House of Commons.

Mr. Ryan Cleary (St. John's South—Mount Pearl, NDP): There they go again, Mr. Speaker, making things up to distract from their own growing pathetic record of scandal and mismanagement. Just like their irresponsible patronage appointments.
The way that justice minister's friends and former staff got their plum positions at ECBC was wrong.
Conservatives killed the public appointments commission. Conservatives broke their promise to end patronage. Conservatives are acting just like the Liberals. It is David Dingwall all over again: entitled to their entitlements.
Clearly, these appointments should never have happened.
Would the justice minister and his friend John Lynn come to committee and explain this egregious example of pork patronage?
Hon. Rob Moore (Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency), CPC): Mr. Speaker, as I said earlier, Mr. Lynn's appointment as CEO of Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation was terminated as of a couple of days ago.
Our expectations for crown corporations, for agencies, for departments, has been, and always continues to be, that they conduct their business with integrity, accountability, and respect for taxpayer dollars.
On the other hand, when will the NDP pay back the taxpayer dollars that it has been abusing all over the country for its own partisan purposes?

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