Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Are we further ahead because of the death of Newfoundland, the country?

I gave the following one-minute statement today (April 1) in the House of Commons. 

Mr. Speaker,
Today Newfoundland and Labrador marks the 65th anniversary of Confederation.

The Terms of Union were signed one minute before midnight, March 31, 1949, Ottawa Time  – which would have made it 1:29 am Newfoundland time, April  1st, April Fools Day, 1949.
A national story from that day read:

“Today a country dies. Not as they die in Europe by enemy fire and sword, or by aggressive annexation, but by its own hand, the democratic choice of its people.”
The question today is whether we’re further ahead because of the death of Newfoundland, the country.

I have travelled the world as an MP — Africa, Japan, the Middle East — and Canada, in so many ways, is the envy of the world.
But here at home ... 

Our commercial fisheries are in tatters — shrimp’s in trouble now. The lack of a fair energy policy has held us back for decades.
Gulf ferry rates are too high, search and rescue is not up to snuff, the environment’s under threat.

The face of Canada is changing under this government.
Conservatives and Liberals have failed us.

It’s time for Canada to work for ALL provinces. 

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Arn said...

Ryan: I am a lifelong NDP supporter who is proud to have lived in two of the only double-NDP ridings in the country: Vancouver East, and St. John's East. Your comments make me ashamed--not to be a Canadian, but to be a New Democrat. To equate Harper's disastrous policies with Confederation is both misguided and politically inept, not to mention offensive to the many Canadians living in Newfoundland. Playing the Republic card only devalues the brand and distracts from the real goal of Canadians across the country: Stop Harper.