Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Repairing The Narrows

The Narrows Group was officially formed earlier this year to protect, preserve and enhance the historic entrance to St. John's harbour. Both sides of the Narrows — the Battery side and the Fort Amherst side — are steeped in military and fishing history. How much work is there to do on the Fort Amherst side alone? The below pictures tell the story.

The Fort Amherst side of The Narrows, as seen from just outside the entrance.

Signs and barricades attempt to prevent people from climbing down to the Second World War gun batteries on the Fort Amherst side of The Narrows.

The view may be amazing — the City of St. John's to the left, Signal Hill and Cabot Tower across the The Narrows, and the North Atlantic to the right — but he gun batteries are in desperate shape.

Plans to enhance and preserve Fort Amherst have been around for more than a decade, but there's been little movement.

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