Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Confederation's 'greatest failure'

The defunct weekly provincial newspaper, The Independent (2004-2008), carried out extensive research and investigation into the Upper Churchill. From the contract’s signing in the late 1960s, to the realization of its incredible lopsided nature towards Quebec, the shadow of the deal looms today over the potential development of Labrador’s Muskrat Falls. The following are a series of 12 articles published in The Independent

Tracking the Churchill deal — Power Struggle, Part 1 of 12.

Newfoundland and 'what army' — Power Struggle, Part 2 of 12.

'An Un-Canadian act' — Power Struggle, Part 3 of 12.

'Do-or-die condition' — Power Struggle, Part 4 of 12.

Power struggle — Power Struggle, Part 5 of 12.

'Hope' — Power Struggle, Part 6 of 12.

A Canadian tragedy — Power Struggle, Part 7 of 12.

Time right for an Upper Churchill summit: Vic Young — Power Struggle, Part 8 of 12.

Confederation's 'greatest failure' — Power Struggle, Part 9 of 12.

Renegotiate — Power Struggle, Part 10 of 12.

No way — Power Struggle, Part 11 of 12.

'Revenge of Geography' — Power Struggle, Part 12 of 12.

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Anonymous said...

It is clear that the so called deal to develop the upper Churchill Falls Power was under handed what kind of contract could be called a fair and just contract that would equally benefit both parties, that has paid Quebec over$100, BILLION Dollars for its share of the sale of power sold ! to NEWFOUNDLANDS $ 1,BILLION Dollars ! 1% of the INCOME ! TO QUEBEC $100,BILLION ? THIS IS HIGHWAY ROBBERY ! NOT A CONTRACT THAT IS SUPPOSE TO BE FAIR AND EQUAL TO BOTH SIDES ?