Thursday, March 14, 2013

Love, hope and picket lines

"Newfoundland and Labrador has taken nearly 64 years to start gaining the respect of the rest of Canada, as well as globally. I am now ashamed when passing through this (St. John's International) airport."
- John Byrne, a resident of Portugal Cove-St. Philip's, in a letter to the editor published in today's (March 14th) edition of The Telegram.
I dropped by the airport picket line this morning - moral is up, as is public support. Drivers stopped while I was there to apologize and ask for permission to cross the line. The b'ys are in it to win it.

The men and women on the line commented on the overwhelming support they receive from unionized NL workers headed to work in Alberta and Labrador, as well as the general public. 

There's a poster tacked to the wall of the shed erected by the picketers that quotes the late Jack Layton: "Love, hope, optimism."

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