Monday, March 25, 2013

Labrador NDP candidate Harry Borlase is congratulated (Cleary style) in the Commons

I gave the following one-minute statement today (March 25th) in the House of Commons.

The votes are in and I'm proud to report that Labrador New Democrats have chosen Harry Borlase to represent them in the upcoming byelection.

Harry was raised in Goose Bay, and he's an expert in polar law.

Best of all, he's never had to resign due to massive election law violations.

New Democrats believe it's up to Labradorians to exercise their democratic choice, but we also believe in letting the rule of law run its course.

That's why Peter Penashue, after resigning in disgrace, should bow out of this campaign until Elections Canada, and possibly the RCMP complete their investigations into the dozens of illegal campaign donations he accepted.

While the Conservatives field a self-admitted law breaker and a divided Liberal party squabbles over their candidate, New Democrats are proud to offer a positive alternative who Labradorians can trust.

And a candidate who will put Labrador first.

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