Friday, March 22, 2013

Back home they're saying you can either do it the right way, or the Penashue

I posed the following questions today (March 22nd) during Question Period in the House of Commons.

Question 1:

Mr. Speaker,

Labrador has been all over the national news lately.

Unfortunately for Labradorians, none of it has been good.

Back home, they're saying you can either do it the right way - or the Penashue.

To make matters worse, Labradorians were also stiffed in yesterday's budget.

Labrador is only mentioned once, and that's for an old jobs program.

For Conservatives, Labrador is just a place to pull puppet strings.

Mr. Speaker,

Why was the Big Land forgotten in yesterday's budget.

Question 2:

The biggest collapse of world seal markets has happened under the Conservative watch, Mr. Speaker.

The fact of the matter is this man Penashue broke the law, he cheated.

As his time as an MP was coming to an end, Conservatives used his ministerial position to make a government announcement and gain an unfair advantage.

He started a website; he took out a full page ad; all before he resigned.

Mr. Speaker,

Why is the Prime Minister standing with a man who cheated, who broke the law, who abandoned any pretense of fairplay?

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