Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Once again Conservatives fail to protect workers at sea


I delivered the following one-minute statement today (Oct. 16th) in the House of Commons. 

Mr. Speaker, 
There’s a debate taking place in Newfoundland and Labrador over whether to resume helicopter night flights to offshore oil platforms on the Grand Banks. 
The Wells Inquiry into the March, 2009 crash of Cougar Flight 491 — which killed 17 workers — recommended that night flights be suspended until all risks are mitigated to an “ACCEPTABLE LEVEL.”
The offshore oil companies have just delivered a report that recommended a resumption of night flights. 
But that report says there’s still a DEFINITE higher risk at night than during the day. 
Workers on offshore oil platforms say that risk is TOO high. 
Their families say that risk is TOO high. 
The MOST IMPORTANT recommendation of the Wells Inquiry was for an independent safety regulator for the offshore oil industry.
An independent safety regulator — NOT the oil companies themselves — would be the BEST judge of justifiable risk. 
Once again the federal government is failing to protect workers at sea.

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