Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why are the Cons punishing new mothers?

I posed the following question today (Sept. 26th) to Human Resources and Skills Development Minister Diane Finley in the House of Commons:
Mr. Speaker, here is a scenario faced by a new mother in my riding. I spoke with her last night.
Doreen is a French teacher who has been on maternity benefits since January.
Two weeks ago, she was offered a part-time job of four hours a week teaching French from her computer at home.
But with the new EI changes she'll lose 50 cents on the dollar.
By the time taxes are removed from her paycheque she'll barely make enough to pay for diapers.
She won't make enough to pay for diapers.

Why is the government punishing new mothers?

Finley's response: Mr. Speaker, right across this country of ours we have, despite high unemployment rates in some areas, shortages of skills and labour.

In many cases, the EI system has discouraged people from working.
The changes we are making are going to help most Canadians be better off when they work than when they do not.
That is the objective because we need all the skills and talent at work that we can possibly get.

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