Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dear Jack - MP Ryan Cleary on the legacy of Jack Layton


james said...

Nice memorial piece Mr Cleary.

Jack layton was an inspiration to any and all who battle illness. His desire to conquer his disease, as well as serve his nation, certainly gave me the necessary boost I needed to keep on fighting my own fight with disability.
I now write my essays and articles on my own website, with that spirit in mind that Jack left behind him.
If you can touch another's mind and heart as he did, with his strength and powerful spirit, then you have truly conquered the world. God bless you Jack layton.
You were a truly great and good man. I miss you every day and you will never be replaced. But your spirit will continue in those who remember who you were, and in the party that you built into a true force for good in our nation of Canada.

Anne Farquharson said...

Thanks for making me Proud to be NDP.
Remembering you is like watching sunrise on a mountaintop.