Sunday, July 1, 2012

St. John's ranked 4th most colourful city in the world

As VOCM reports, the colourful row houses of the City of St. John's have been recognized worldwide. A recent article from has named the capital city the 4th most colourful city in the world.

From cities in Italy to India, Mexico to the Netherlands, 11 colourful destinations have been listed. St. John's is the only Canadian city on the list.

Here's the text that went with the 4th most-colourful city designation: The city of St. Johns on the island of Newfoundland is arguably Canada’s most colorful city, a characteristic in contrast to its otherwise chilly climate. 
The cultural gem of its province, St. Johns features many museums, art galleries and urban parks throughout its hilly coastal environs.  
In the hip sections of the city, low-rise buildings have been painted in a vibrant array of colors, a visual quality that is noticeable even from the ships that pass by.  When it comes to color, there’s nothing dull about this hamlet on the easternmost point of North America.  

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