Thursday, June 21, 2012

Con MP breaks ranks; doesn't support elimination of owner-operator, fleet separation policies

The elimination of the owner-operator and fleet-separation policies — “sacred pillars” of the East Coast fishery that the Conservative government is said to be considering removing — would trigger the end of the traditional inshore fishery.

But at least one Conservative is breaking ranks with his party.

New Brunswick MP John Williamson sent a flyer to constituents this week with the above message.
I wonder if a flyer was sent to the home of Fisheries and Oceans Minister Keith Ashfield, whose riding is also in New Brunswick.

No worries - I'll make sure to email him the link to this site.

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Emrys Graefe said...

This is not breaking rank because there is no policy change.

Mr. Williamson was correcting the public record after Liberal Lawrence MacAulay sent misleading propaganda into several communities in New Brunswick Southwest.

Emrys Graefe, Executive Assistant
Office of John Williamson, M.P.