Tuesday, May 15, 2012

‘Unapologetic Newfoundland separatist’

The federal Conservatives reserved one of their one-minute statements before Question Period in the House of Commons Tuesday just for me.

Tilly O’Neill Gordon, MP for Miramichi, had this to say:


Mr. Speaker, the NDP leader recently announced his new shadow cabinet and there is certainly weakness among the ranks.
He appointed the member for St. John's South-Mount Pearl as critic for ACOA and post-secondary education. This member has developed the reputation of an “unapologetic Newfoundland separatist,” and is willing to take extreme positions on unity.
He certainly has not been prepared to stand up for one of Newfoundland and Labrador's oldest industries — the seal hunt. Instead of standing up to the radicals who oppose this traditional way of life, he suggested that it may be time for sealers to just give up. Our government is proud to stand up for Canadian sealers. It is shocking to hear the member for St. John's South-Mount Pearl speak so harshly against this important industry.
The NDP threatens dangerous economic experiments, job-killing taxes …
My fellow New Democrats gave me a standing ovation at the end of the statement — God love ‘em.

It’s quite the notch in the political belt to be targeted for a statement by the Cons.

I make no apologies for my strong stands on behalf of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Not in terms of our place in Canada.

And not in terms of the seal hunt.

The Harper Conservatives have inflicted more harm on the NL seal harvest since they’ve been in power than any other government in Canadian history.

Under the Conservative watch Canadian seal products have been banned in the European Union and Russia.

As well, there hasn’t been a whisper about the supposed Conservative deal to sell Canadian seal products to China.

The Conservatives stand up for Canadian sealers?

What a joke.

More and more the Conservatives are being laughed at in the House of Commons. 

A sure sign of political rot. 

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