Monday, April 2, 2012

What stopped the search for Burton Winters was broken equipment and misplaced priorities

I posed the following question Tuesday, March 27th in the House of Commons:
News flash, Mr. Speaker — too much spin makes people sick.
First, the military blamed weather for failing to send a search and rescue helicopter to find Burton Winters.
Only the weather wasn’t bad enough to keep a chopper on the ground.
Then, they blamed communication protocol … only no one had even heard of the call-back protocol.
What stopped the search for 14-year-old Burton Winters was broken equipment and misplaced priorities.
Mr. Speaker,
When will this government take responsibility and establish a full and independent inquiry into Canada’s search and rescue system.
Julian Fantino, Associate Minister of National Defence: 
Mr. Speaker, the loss of this young person is a tragedy and we all grieve over it. 
I must add, though, that following this tragic incident, the Canadian Forces reviewed its responses. 
Protocols were reviewed in relation to its support of ground search and rescue events and this has been done in consultation with our partners.

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