Monday, April 30, 2012

Harper government refuses to be accountable to PEI

I posed the following question today (April 30th) in the House of Commons, as a follow-up to a series of meetings held last week by the NDP’s six-member Atlantic caucus, which I chair, in Prince Edward Island.

Mr. Speaker,

Last week my Atlantic caucus colleagues and I had the pleasure of visiting PEI.

We met with people concerned about the Conservative’s total lack of transparency and their habit of making decisions with no local consultation.

Like the cuts to Veterans Affairs …

Like the possible elimination of fleet-separation and owner-operator policies …

Like the closure of Service Canada’s claims centre in Montague, which will have a severe impact on the local economy, and was announced with no notice, no justification ...

Mr. Speaker,

The people of PEI deserve better.

Their question is this: Why is this government refusing to be accountable?

The question was responded to by Tony Clement, president of the Treasury Board and Minister for the Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario:

Mr. Speaker, this government has done extensive consultations.

Pre-budget, ministers of the Crown, our entire caucus, went throughout this country, to every nook and cranny, and consulted with Canadians about the future of our country, about jobs and opportunities, and economic growth.

That is what is in the budget and we are proud of that.

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