Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy anniversary 'smiling land'

Saturday, Jan. 21st, represents an anniversary for the Ode to Newfoundland: 110 years to day since “the Colony’s own anthem” was first sung.

Miss Frances Daisy Foster had the pleasure of singing the lyrics, penned by Sir Cavendish Boyle, governor of the day, at the Casino Theatre in St. John’s.

Larry Dohey of the provincial archives marks the anniversary with one of many fascinating “Archival moments."

Dohey notes that his online research is not endorsed by his employer or any professional society.

He does the work on his own "to bring attention to the great stories and traditions that are found in archives."

Thanks Larry — much appreciated.

I particularly like the picture that accompanies the Ode’s anniversary moment, although I can’t believe they got a seal to pose, practically nose-to-nose, with a Newfoundland dog.

The Pink, White and Green is also pretty tight with the Union Jack.

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