Thursday, June 9, 2011

'Blatant disregard for safety'


08 JUNE, 2011


New Democrat Atlantic Caucus united in opposition to cuts to Search and Rescue

OTTAWA — The New Democrat Atlantic caucus is calling on the federal government to immediately reverse its decision to close the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre in St. John’s, NL. The NDP’s 6 East Coast MPs met this morning and top of the agenda was the proposed closure. The news came last night that the facility was one of the first things to suffer due to the Conservative’s proposed $56 million in cuts to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO).

“The closure represents a blatant disregard for the safety of the men and women of Newfoundland and Labrador,” said Ryan Cleary, Member of Parliament for St. John’s South-Mount Pearl and the Chair of the Atlantic Caucus. “Our workers often risk their lives to do their jobs in the fisheries and the offshore oil Industry. It is our duty as a country to ensure that they are protected by the best possible search and rescue standards.”

A release from a communications officer at DFO Tuesday confirmed that rescue facilities would be closed in Newfoundland and Labrador and in Quebec. The services provided by these centres will now be administered out of Halifax, NS.

“This is not about jobs or saving a few dollars here and there,” said Robert Chisholm the newly elected Member of Parliament for Dartmouth–Cole Harbour. “This is about the safety of workers who do their job on our coasts, that’s an issue that all Atlantic Canadians understand.”

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chadan said...

Well done Ryan! Keep the pressure on the Harpo NeoCons. Good sound bytes on CBC this morning from you and Jack.

NL-ExPatriate said...

Tilting at wind mills.

I would be more concerned with the pending continental shelf giveaway with the United Nations Law of The Sea 2013 delineation deadline fast approaching.
Combined with ongoing EU trade talks I can see far worse repercussions under that file.

Dwan Street said...

As I voiced my concern on this topic to a friend this afternoon he simply said, "This is but one reward we have coming for electing only one of Harper's pawns." I believe there is truth in his statement and I believe it is but one in an upcoming succession of blows we are about to experience.

A government who does not understand the fishery, nor value it, cannot be expected to act differently. As someone who has grown up in the fishing industry and spent my academic career working toward a career in the fishery I am appalled, disgusted yet not surprised by Harper's latest move.

Closures in Newfoundland Quebec - provinces once described by a renowned sociologist as the "Mexicans of Canada."

Surprised? No. Not in the least.

Congratulations, Canada, this is what you elected. We elected those who can fight for us. Go, Ryan. Give our province the voice Harper is intending to only silence further.

Anonymous said...

The United Nations Law of the Sea delineation deadline is very important also. However it is not exclusive. There are and will be others. The closure of the communications centre is very important and should also be pursued vigorously. It is rather ironic that one of the workers negatively impacted by the closure is none other than Merve Wiseman, who ran for the Conservatives Nationally recently. Any second thoughts Merv??

tru said...

Thank you Ryan. I hear you, maybe the "powers that be" will also!!!