Friday, April 1, 2011

Hockey night in St. John’s South-Mount Pearl

Great charity hockey game last night at Mile One in St. John’s between the Newfoundland Media All-Stars and the Newfoundland Police All-Stars. The hands-down star of the evening was Allan Hawco of CBC’s Republic of Doyle. Hawco, who played left wing with the media, is a decent player, and a great guy, staying behind on the ice for almost an hour after the game to sign autographs. I (above) had a hand in the last goal by Alexandria Ovetchkin. The announcer swore she was the sister of NHL superstar Alexander Ovetchkin, although I had my doubts. While her ponytails were bright blond, her goatee was salt and pepper.


The following note was hand printed on a sheet of paper and taped to a window on Penneywell Road: “Your government loves you, and wants to make you happy. Tell them how.”


A male resident of Penneywell Road said if the Bloc Québécois ran candidates in NL who looked out for our interests the same as Quebec’s, he’d vote for the Bloc. In three days of door-to-door campaigning the man was the forth person to tell me they would vote for the Bloc, given the opportunity.


People invite me into their homes quite often when I knock on their doors.

I most always decline, because the object of the game is to visit as many people as possible.

A paranoid part of me also fears that the person inviting me into their home may be a Liberal or Conservative trying to waste my precious campaign time.

It's an old political trick.

But I accepted an invitation into a downtown home Thursday afternoon after the man said he was having trouble with his slum landlord — meaning he lived in a slum.

The 850-square-foot house had a leaky roof, bad taps, uneven floors, cracked walls, and damaged ceilings.

The man said the house, where he lives with his partner and child, should be condemned, although he can’t move out because he signed a one-year lease and the landlord would take him to court.

The man, in his late 20s or early 30s, said he lives on social assistance.

His rent is $850 a month, plus a $400 heat bill.

"The only thing that works in the house is the stove."

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Anonymous said...

Good to see you running, but you must distance yourself from the Liberals who move to the left at election time. The corporate elite has sufficient representation already with Harper, without adding Board of Trade Coady.