Friday, February 18, 2011

‘(Yvonne) Jones was never more than a second-tier minister’

“Even in past faded and tired Liberal governments — governments just waiting for the electorate to give them that one final shove into the pension pasture — Jones was never more than a second-tier minister. Having Jones reach the premier’s chair would be a little bit like having Danny Williams retire and Ross Wiseman taking over the Conservative party by acclamation.”

— Russell Wangersky, The Telegram, Aug. 3rd, 2010.


John Efford’s taking intense heat for suggesting that Liberal leader Yvonne Jones couldn’t win a provincial election.

I wrote that myself just last week.

Whatever happened to the concept of telling it like it is?


mac-lab said...

telling it like it is.........pretty shallow in my mind. I dont see anything in either Russell Wangersky's or your statement that has one iota of information, supporting the statements that you've uttered. Tis very easy to attack a personality. I offer this, If you have nothing to say, keep your mouth shut.

Progressive Tory said...

Jones was barely a Minister and will never be premier. I might be a Progressive Conservative but I feel that the NDP are much more effective in opposition then the Liberals and I'd like to see them form the Official Opposition. I don't know if it will happen under Lorraine though.

NL-ExPatriate said...

Sad really I like her spunk and drive but her federal ties, Labrador stick and it's all about the party makes your call right on the money. Sad, but probably best chance Premier by acclamation Dunderdale has of winning the next election.