Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why do you love Newfoundland and Labrador?

The Independent newspaper, when it was on the go, used to run an I-love-NL contest every year leading up to Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14th.

Readers were asked to send in a word, line, paragraph, or page explaining why they love this place.

Some of the submissions are posted below.

Why do you love NL?

Submit your own reason in the comment section.


I love Newfoundland because it’s the only place I have ever been where one never feels alone in a crowd.

Better Ford,



I have lived in other provinces over the years. The single reason I can give for why I love NL is that home is where the heart is. In the years living away from NL, my heart was always home. That’s why I returned home.

Elaine Budgell,

Bay Bulls


I love Newfoundland because in our age of health obsessiveness you can find no less than four blow-out super high-calorie fish and chip restaurants — Ches’s, Johnnies, Leo’s, and the Big R — within a couple of hundred yards of each other in the capital city. And no one complains about it.

Paul Butler,

St. John’s


There are so many reasons why I love NL, but perhaps the thing I love most is the unique language we have. Even when you are far away from home, it can make you feel like you are still in Newfoundland. I felt this first-hand when I was living in Alberta and was greeted with, “Where are you from, my love?” by a cashier at the local Wal-Mart. Our language is the language of love, not just for lovers, but for everyone, with terms of endearment at every turn — my love, my ducky, my trout. The language is priceless and unique, just like our province!

Paula Morgan,

Seal Cove


So ye asks why I loves the rock?

Well now, little Newfoundland newspaper, let me tell ya. Where else in the world can you drink Black Horse beer till three t’irty in da marnin’, you asks? George Street, Newfoundland. Not only dat, you can kiss tree girls in a given night and yer buddy more than likely kissed more. We got da Avalon Mall — she’s rite wicked, where else can you go and have a coffee and chat with Leo Puddister, go watch TV at the Sony store, and den catch dinner and a movie with Karl Wells? Newfoundland b’y, she’s some spot, always on the go, and getting better every day.

John Tucker,

Portugal Cove


The main reason I love Newfoundland is because I was born without a sense of direction, and people are always so helpful when I get lost. Everyone I have ever asked has helped and even if they don’t know the answer, they will find someone who dies.

Jo-anne Stacey,



Our forests are brimming with rabbit and moose, birds, squirrels, brooks and streams. Our lakes are overflowing with trout, salmon and the like. For the most part, it is still safe to catch a stroll through any wooded area and take in some of nature’s arduous wonder. Our forests are home to a collage of greens. Every so often we experience four seasons in one day. Now pray tell, where else on earth can one boast such weather phenomenon? Our culinary delights range from the eating of red meat that has been soaked in salt to beans saturated in molasses. Yet, we hold claim to some of the oldest living people in Canada. We fear nothing and take on the world. Most importantly, we are survivors, beaming over with compassion for our fellow man.

Cathy Sheehan,

St. John’s


N — nature trails

E — entertainment

W — wild berries

F — flowers

O — outdoors

U — undeniable peacefulness

N — Newfoundland Herald

D — dories

L — legends

A — Atlantic Ocean

N — nice people

D — December snow

Kathy Foster-Andrews,

La Scie


I love NL because there are lots of beautiful, tranquil places to visit, whether you appreciate the outdoor beauty of the trickling rivers or the sounds of the roaring waves or maybe just the peace and quiet.

Rose O’Keefe,

St. John’s


I love NL with all my heart. I could travel this world over and not find what I have here. To experience four seasons in one day and not be afraid because I know everything will be OK. To stroll along in an outport or stand on a busy sidewalk in a city. To push a button and have the world at my fingertips or to sit on a wharf and watch the fishing boats return with their catch — as my mother did and her mother before her. To see the white sands and trees so tall I cannot see the tops, and they travel as far as my eyes can see. To watch the northern lights dance across the sky and flicker with joy. I know family members before me, my family now, and family to come will love NL as I do.

Marie Letemplier,



I’ve promised the kids they can visit their Nan and Granddad in Newfoundland this July. We’re leaving the prairies far, far behind. Why do I still love it so much? Sometimes I think it takes moving away to make you realize that Newfoundland has such a uniqueness and rare beauty that is found not only in the land, but in the people.

Janine Boone,

Cold Lake, Alta.


One of my No. 1 reasons for loving NL is that no matter where you go, where life will take you, you’ll always meet someone who is as proud as you to say they’re a Newfoundlander.

Pamela Snow,

Journalism student, College of the North Atlantic, Stephenville


I love the idea of living on an island. Outsiders don’t really understand how good we have it here — the scenery, the people, yes, and even the weather (we don’t have to worry about tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.)

Lawrence Hedd,



By far, the best thing is being surrounded by water. The second best thing is the whales. To be able to sit on Signal Hill and watch the whales is absolutely everything.

Wendy King,

St. John’s


Because …

Nan bore my 10-pound father in a wrought-iron bed in Burin.

I learned to jig cod and steer a komatik in Hopedale at six.

I burned my soles on white Sandy Cove beaches and was soothed by the salt sea.

Kevin Major knew my town when I was 13.

A Pasadena boy gave the best first kiss.

I have seen, through my living room window, whales breach in Bonavista Bay.

My husband’s voice bears the hint of an Irish brogue.

“Latvinia Andrews” helped me know my foremothers and find my “place.”

I can flavour a lesson on Irish ballads by opening my east-facing window in Mobile.

My 14-year-old son chooses Pink, White and Green for his wristband, and flag on the wall in his room.

My two small nephews met a baby moose last summer.

You must voyage the North Atlantic to come and go.

I prefer to keep my prairie birth a secret — until now!

Leslie L. Kennedy,

St. John’s


Why do you love NL?

Comments are more than welcome.


Anonymous said...

I hart NFLD because I Have experienced what its like to live on the rock. Thanks to Everyone who welcomed me to there homes and harts.

Robert Reid said...

many words describe my home - my NL

I love my NL because it gives me the freedom to live as I want to live - independence to choose my destiny. I can be surrounded by family and friends or spend a day and a night sitting by a pond alone with a small campfire and the stars to keep me company (and all within a few minutes of the other!). It provides a diverse array of experiences. It is connected to the rest of the world through media and travel options, but is very unique in its isolation - providing a safe harbor to raise a family. There are no earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunami's, volcanoes or other violent natural phenomenon's that exist. Sure we have high winds on times, but that only makes "ya tough b'y". I have experienced other provinces but none has the draw of this beautiful province of ours. Like the song says "I'm a Newfoundlander born and bred and I'll be one till I die!"