Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pity the poor hakapik

If the reputation of the Newfoundland seal hunt wasn’t hard enough to defend, a hakapik has been linked to the Conservative Party of Canada.

Jenni Byrne, 34, who’s been tapped by Stephen Harper to run his next election campaign, reportedly keeps a hakapik — “the weapon used to club to death baby seals” — on her office desk in Ottawa for all the world to see.

The hakapik supposedly contributes to Byrne’s reputation as both feared and fearless.

Which is hard to believe, considering there’s apparently not a stain of Newfoundland blood in her.

Besides, it’s not the hakapik that makes the sealer, so much as the hand that swings it.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she is a fake just like her boss.

I do not think she can hold a candle to Tom Flaghan.

Tom made Stephen, but now he is one of his most open critic (see Haperland)

Wayne Bennett
NL Independent Candidate
Humber - St. Barbe - Baie Verte

Kim Leaman said...

She is cut from the same shoddy cloth as Tom Flanagan and Charles McVety. I am pretty sure that she does not need a weapon of any kind to scare Canadians. Her attitude alone should do it!

The CONS all have this same dismal attitude and it should scare the Hell out of all of us!