Thursday, February 10, 2011

Federal Conservatives confuse Newfoundland with La La Land

Shut out in the 2008 federal election, Conservatives expect to do much better next time around with the six seats in Newfoundland.

But could the party be confusing Newfoundland with La La Land?

Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant is slammed in today’s Ottawa Citizen for suggesting that NL fishermen take more responsibility for their own lives and not expect to be rescued by the Canadian Coast Guard if they run into trouble.

The Ontario MP reportedly made the remarks last week during a House of Commons defence committee hearing in Newfoundland — further exacerbating the “already testy relationship between the Harper government and the province.”

Natural Resources Minister Shawn Skinner, who attended the hearing, had this to say: “A one or two foot (wave) on the Ottawa River doesn’t compare to a 60-foot wave in the North Atlantic.”

Well said, Shawn.

Norway and the United States offer standard search and rescue response times of 15 minutes and 30 minutes respectively in emergencies.

The Canadian military responds within 30 minutes during the day, but takes up to two hours during evenings and weekends.

The policy has cost Newfoundland fishermen their lives.


Gina said...

Well then! Perhaps Newfoundland fishermen should refuse to pay Canadian INCOME TAXES if they are not expected to use the services of the federal government, which are afforded to every other federal income tax paying CANADIAN CITIZEN.

Ward Pike said...

You've written a great article here, Ryan, and I follow all your work regularly. One is never left wanting for common sense or insight.

The core of the attitude expressed by Cheryl Gallant is one that Canada has often adopted towards us: Indifference.

The very fact that this is the largest unguarded, unprotected coastline in the western world and that the multitudes of people who work in the waters off it are equally unguarded and unprotected shows this indifference.

The Canadian experiment has failed and we have paid for it with our lives. It's time for us all to wake up and realize that.

Jack Dreaddy said...

Yeah, but Norway has a easier geography in terms of distance and in the case of the united states they have a runaway military budget and manpower (effective strength well over a million personnel. We dont have the geographic convience nor the huge military budget and manpower, actually quite the opposite, especially over the last generation.

pig said...

I think the Conservatives will do much better this time around - for a few hundred million reasons.

They'll probably announce a loan guarantee for the Lower Churchill, funding for the Newfoundland-Nova Scotia power cable, and possibly a sale of its share of Hibernia to the province. They'll essentially do what makes sense for the country (all of the above) and buy the votes, and the support of the province and the PC government, by committing to these.

If they come through with all of the above I wouldn't feel too bad about voting Conservative.

Maurice E. Adams, Paradise said...

Why is it that Cheryl Gallant would not dare make such a statement about central Canadaian and western farmers ---- who receive $8 BILLION a YEAR in federal government payments, but have no qualms about condemning NLers for much needed SAR support?

If NL fishers and plant workers were getting $8 Billion a year in government subsidy, that would mean that EVERU fisher and plant worker in L would receive (not the measily little bit of WORKER FUNDED EI), but $400,000.00 EACH per month.

Now, I would would ask, who is independent and self supporting --- east coast fishers --- or farmers in western Canada?

Why aren't our politicians angry about such small minded and hateful comments?

Maurice E. Adams, Paradise