Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ripped in peace

Great cover on this week’s Newfoundland Herald.

Timely too, for an ascension into heaven, considering tomorrow (Jan. 12) is the 40-day anniversary of Danny Williams’ retirement/Resurrection.

But the image does raise some questions:

Forgetting his head is sharpened like a pencil (or horn), why is Prime Minister Stephen Harper pointing at Jerome Kennedy? It’s as if he’s saying, “You’re the Next One Jerome of Carbonear, not Kathy of the Burin. Could there have been a mistake?

Why is Lorraine Michael’s finger directed at herself? Is there any chance she could be next to ascend into the 8th floor?

Why is Yvonne Jones wearing orange? (Could the picture have been doctored?)

And this question: What do you think Roger Grimes is about to do to Danny Williams’ foot?

Did DW get more than his hair made over when he was down South?

Finally, which finger (my eyesight isn’t what it was) is Danny Williams pointing at his people?

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