Friday, January 21, 2011

Ask not what our fishery can do for us

“We have to stop asking, what can our fishery do for us, and what can we do for our fishery.”

— Dr. Philip Earle, a well-known NL radio personality, fisheries activist, and Carbonear native in a Friday, Jan. 21st on-air conversation with VOCM Open Line host Randy Simms.

Earle put his own twist on the famous J.F. Kennedy quote from the late president’s inaugural speech.

Which was good timing.

The 50th anniversary of that speech was this past Thursday.

Speaking of the fishery and what we can do for it …

Auditor General John Noseworthy released a report today on the province’s audited financial statements.

Noseworthy pointed out that the province has done well — primarily from oil revenues.

At the same time, government spending — particularly on health and education — has increased “dramatically.”

That’s dangerous, warned Noseworthy, given oil royalties are volatile and out of the provincial government’s control.

Not to mention that when the oil runs out it's all gone.

“Therefore, the sustainability of current and future Government programs will depend on other revenue sources.”

Like fish, you think?

What can you do for the fishery?

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