Wednesday, December 8, 2010

'I've heard your Come Together. So here I am. Geoff Stirling.'

Inspired by Come Together, Geoff Stirling (seated at right) and his son Scott Stirling (seated at left), had a "profound" encounter in 1969 at a London studio with Yoko Ono and John Lennon, who was killed 30 years ago today (Dec. 8th, 2010).
Come Together was a Lennon number that supposedly began life as the campaign song for acid-guru Timothy Leary's intended run against Ronald Reagan for governor of California. The song mesmerized Geoff and Scott, a Lennon fan. From the Londonderry Hotel, where the two were staying on vacation, Stirling telexed a note to Lennon. It said: "I've heard your Come Together. So here I am. Geoff Stirling." A few hours later, they were seated in Apple Studios, recording the first in a string of interviews with Lennon that Stirling would later broadcast on his Canadian radio stations.
"I look back on that first interview and I realize how profound it was," Scott told Report on Business magazine in December 2004. "It was a philosophical discussion about the forces of good and evil, and how Lennon was trying to use his music to socially improve civilization."


Gina said...

... and since 1980 the world has been left to wonder what could have been, had John Lennon lived...

Sharecroppermike said...

I've always liked Geoff Stirling. He phoned me one Nfld 5 am morning from Arizona and said that he had been listening to our cd Natural about our defunct railway, Mill Whistle and one room school etc and asked what he could do. I was speechless...except to ask did he know any other Nfders in Arizona!?! He said NTV's Dave Lawrence would phone me and to do as he said. Geoff gave us $20,000 dollars worth of free advertising for two weeks on NTV and launched the one room school song into a classic. Then a vignette of that song aired 17 months straight three times a day on NTV and still rears its wonderful head at 4 am in the morning... so I occasionally hear from Nfld night owls all across Canada. Geoff and John....two fascinating men. Geoff, I've always appreciated, made time for the little guy like me. ~Imagine~ that! Ryan,...Thank you for letting us come together on this one happening.