Wednesday, November 24, 2010

‘Another Newfoundland fairy tale’

Blasts from NL’s past

Quotes of the week from December, 2005 Independent newspapers:

Dec. 4-10

“Beamed Smallwood: ‘Glory, hallelujah; praise God from whom all blessings flow!’ The $1.1-billion Churchill Falls project, he prophesied, would make Newfoundland ‘the most industrialized province in Canada.’”

Time Canada, Oct. 14, 1966. (Republished in The Independent.)

Dec. 11-17

“Going to see Revue is like putting on a Christmas concert when all the family is home.”

— Donna Butt, director of Revue ’05.

Dec. 18-24

“The other thing about canvassing, I don’t want to be the one standing at the door when people have their doors wide open, letting the heat out — not when they’re paying a fortune.”

— Nancy Riche of the NDP.

Dec. 25-31

“Hockey Day in Canada has probably surpassed discussions about Santa Claus.”

Stephenville councilor Darren Roberts on CBC hosting its sixth annual event there on Jan. 7th, 2006.


Quotes of the week from December, 2006 Independent newspapers:

Dec. 1

“If anybody tells you that stepping into the chair of an international corporation, the most successful helicopter company in the world, is not challenging, they’re either delusional or not being honest.”

— Mark Dobbin, chairman of the board of CHC.

Dec. 8

“This guy has worked until 6 a.m. laying flooring and I know one job he went to where the owners barred him in the house and wouldn’t let him out ‘till he was done …”

— Edith Clarke, Marystown Paint Shop employee.

Dec. 15

“I would try and make the game a little sexier, I guess. Maybe change some of the clothing and just promote it that way. For some reason, we curlers seem to wear the most boring clothing you could ever imagine on the ice.”

— Gold medalist Brad Gushue on how he would improve his choice of sport.


Quotes of the week from December, 2007 Independent newspapers:

Dec. 7

“Jenn and I have danced this 500 times … and still, you put the music on, and I look at her face and it’s like, ah, Christmas is coming.”

— Martin Vallée of Kittiwake Dance Theatre on the Nutcracker.

Dec. 14

This is my expression of another Newfoundland fairy tale … about a seal who only wanted to be big enough to be clubbed.”

— Actress Berni Stapleton.

Dec. 21

“I moved in on a Friday and by Sunday there was a for-sale sign on their house.”

— Randy Druken on his former St. John’s neighbours.

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