Wednesday, October 6, 2010

‘Why can’t we be more like Newfoundland’

Blasts from NL’s past

Quotes of the week from October, 2005 Independent newspapers:

“We’re saying, what are the issues now that are important? Renegotiation of the upper Churchill, which everybody has written off as impossible, you’ve got to shame them into it. It has to be shown and repeated and repeated. This is why The Independent is playing an important role in this movie.”

— Geoff Stirling, a Newfoundland tycoon (owner of the NTV/OZFM/Herald empire).


“I’ve seen cases where people were in court fighting over the plastic flower pots in the back yard.”

— Lawyer Bob Buckingham on the money couples can spend on divorce proceedings.


“My modest objective? … to hear before I die, not jokes, but people demanding of their politicians in a variety of settings around the world: ‘Why can’t we be more like Newfoundland.’”

— Cabot Martin, writer, entrepeneur and one-time Peckford advisor.


“The company cares more for the beef than they do the human being because if a human being happens to slip on a bit of beef or whatever and fall to the floor they just pick you up, but if a piece of beef falls to the floor they stops the line.”

— Burin native Reuben Mayo on the strike at the Lakeside Meat Packing plant in Brooks, Alta.

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