Tuesday, October 12, 2010

'It's no spot to try and cheat on your husband'

Blasts from NL’s past

Quotes of the week from October, 2006 Independent newspapers:

“We stepped in in 1992 to help out, but we have no need to invest in this kind of project. We’re in the business of taxation and spending those taxes to benefit Canadian citizens.”

— Then-federal Liberal Natural Resources critic Roy Cullen on the federal government’s stake in Hibernia.


“I don’t know if he ever asked for a loan so much as he invited the banks to participate in the honour of being in the service of Craig Dobbin.”

— Harry Steele in a eulogy to his friend.


“It’s no spot to try and cheat on your husband.”

— Principal Brenda Roberts on life in Black Tickle, Labrador.


“If I was a Newfoundlander and I had $5 billion, why wouldn’t I have bought the North Atlantic refinery? … I think if I had the money I would have bought North Atlantic and I would have expanded it.”

— Analyst Bill Simpkins.

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