Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Operator, oh could you help me place this call


A daily taste of Newfoundlandia

"Dear Sir—My heart fairly burns when I think of the unkind thoughts which I have had, on occasions, when I raised the receiver of my telephone and was not answered by the operator on duty with the local Telephone Co. I state this, in prelude to a sort of apology from myself and I feel sure, on behalf of many more, to these operators. I was only led to realize the tremendous amount of work entailed when I viewed a copy of the new Directory, which the Company is presently distributing. Just imagine, to remember all these names and numbers, and be able to recall them on the spur of the moment! It is almost incredible how these humans (they are humans) could do this work with the speed with which they have done it all along. Sincerely yours, ‘Repentence.’”

The Speaker, Bay Roberts, September, 1953.

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