Thursday, September 9, 2010

If we were a province of Canada what would that do for our country?


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"All the emphasis appears to be placed on the belief that a change of government can accomplish what is only possible by sound planning and direct action. If, for example, we were a province of Canada, what would that do for our country? Would it improve the competitive position of our fisheries and our newsprint operators? Would it mean a concentration upon the means of procuring as near we can go to full employment in this counry? The point is that it is not what government is that counts, but what it does. And government can only do so much. The rest is up to the enterprise, initiative, energy and understanding of the people.”

Observer’s Weekly, St. John’s, September 1945.

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chadan said...

That might work, if it were a level playing field. But it isn't. So much is controlled by big business -- access to decision-makers, lobbying for favourable legislation, and especially influence on the reglations that stem fro legislation -- that is is almost impossible to have an ordinary indiviudal make a success of anything.