Wednesday, September 15, 2010

'I can never be a man'

Blasts from NL’s past

Quotes of the week from September, 2007 Independent newspapers:

“For a Town wedding, it was a wicked old time.”

— Groomsman Troy Halleran, Sept. 7th.


“I play the bouzouki, not the bazooka.”

— Billy Sutton of The Fables on his performance in Afghanistan, Sept. 14th.


“I can stand in the House all I want, I can be honest as I want, I can lend all my education experience to the debate … but you know what? I can never be a man.”

— Education Minister Joan Burke, Sept. 21st.


“The ban is gone.”

—Speaker Harvey Hodder, on the freedom of MHAs to release constituency allowance claims, Sept. 28th.

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