Wednesday, September 1, 2010

‘Everybody wants to put down ice rats’

Blasts from NL’s past

Quotes of the week from September, 2006 Independent newspapers:

“Because of all I’ve discovered, the people I’ve met, and what I see every day in the arts, economy and life here, I know Newfoundland and Labrador is about to enter a phase of bright horizons.”

— Reporter Clare-Marie Gosse says good-bye.


“One of the things, looking back now, five years later, is the threat of this happening again is still there.”

— Gander Mayor Claude Elliot, on the 9/11 terrorist attacks.


“We (should) just change the name baby seal to ice rats. People don’t want to club baby seals, but everybody wants to put down ice rats.”

— Marh Critch, Independent guest columnist.


“Everybody else ended up at the end of a rope, or drowned, or with their big rusty blade in their back. Peter Easton died … with his pot of gold.”

— Author Jason Crummey.


“I know how well I am doing against my competitors every day of the week. I look at the paper and I will see someone resting comfortably at a competitor’s and can gage every week if we are doing well.”

— Geoff Carnell of Carnell’s Funeral Homes.

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