Tuesday, September 7, 2010

'All too typical of outsiders' contempt for Newfoundlanders'

A daily taste of Newfoundlandia

“Thomson Newspapers Ltd.’s performance in its dispute with the 35 printers and editorial writers at The Evening Telegram is all too typical of outsiders’ contempt for Newfoundlanders. To get the paper out the company flies in 6 to 10 mainland workers — paying for their airfares, meals, hotel bills and rented cars — and replaces them with other mainlanders every two weeks. In its North American operation alone, the company made $56.5 million in profit last year, up $9 million from 1977, but it refused to pay The Telegram printers the same wage earned at Dicks and Company or Robinson-Blackmore — two much smaller companies. The company’s power is vast and its interests reach around the globe, but we can still show them who’s boss. By canceling his or her own subscription each Newfoundlander can force the company to respect us or face the possibility of another newspaper taking over the evening market. Alone against The Telegram, we’re powerless. With your help we can shut it down.”

Signal, Sept. 21st, 1979.

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