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Inspector of Pickled Fish appointed

Blasts from NL’s past

Quotes of the week from August, 2005 Independent newspapers

“There’s no reason that (Loblaw’s supermarket on the Memorial Stadium site) shouldn’t go ahead … unless one of the six (councillors) changes their minds and if they do they’re going to be eaten alive.”

— Then-St. John’s Mayor Andy Wells.


“We want to be very clear from the start — we’re not opening a hospice. We’re not opening a facility where people are going to go and die.”

— Bill Downer, executive director of the province’s AIDS committee, on the opening of the Tommy Sexton Centre.


“I can’t get into it. It is a political question and one that, unfortunately, I’ve got to avoid. I’ve got several views on it quite frankly, but I can’t give them to you.”

— Premier Danny Williams on his feelings about the Pink, White and Green.


“I’m a grandmother, I’m an active person. I want a fishery. I want someone to pay attention to what’s happening in Newfoundland.”

— Shoal Harbour-resident Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe on why she took part in the food fishery protest.


“The man Hare, who escaped from the Lunatic Saturday afternoon, was captured at his former home at Harbour Grace by Head Const. Sheppard and brought back to the institution on last night’s train. He is thought to have made the trip round the Bay on top of one of the railway coaches, gaining that position at Waterford Bridge.”

The Daily News, August 1914.


“The Newfoundland Premier, Sir William Whiteway, now in London consulting the Imperial authorities regarding the French treaty rights, has presented a strong argument for the consideration of the Home Government. Briefly summarized, Newfoundland’s case amounts to an explicit refusal to admit the validity of the French claims to exclusive cod fishing upon the French shore, the right to can lobsters, and the right to fish salmon in the rivers.”

The Weekly Record, Trinity, August 1890


“Dear Sir—I am writing this letter to express the appreciation of the people of our community to the ‘Honourable’ Val Earle, the member (sic!) of the House of Assembly for our district. When we think of him, tears of appreciation sprint to our eyes. He has done so much for our community. He has visited us at least once in the past two or three years. Just last month he showed a tremendous effort and wrote a stunning letter to us concerning a petition which was sent to him. To conclude, sir, we will remember you when the next election rolls around.”—Lloyd G. Froude, Rencontre East, F.B.

The Foghorn, Harbour Breton, August 1975


“His Excellency, the Governor in Council, has been pleased to appoint Mr. James Kelly of St. John’s to be an Inspector of Pickled Fish.

The Morning Chronicle, St. John’s, August 1880


“The efforts of the women to obtain the right to exercise the franchise are being met, not with open hostility, but with gross discourtesy and persistent trickery. On the previous occasion discussion was postponed at special request until the following day. Many women attended, to find themselves tricked. On Tuesday, without any intimation of his intention, availing of the enforced temporary absence of several members, amongst them several strong supporters of the moment, a snap vote was taken, referring the bill to a Select Committee, in other words, giving it ‘the Six Months Hoist.’ Possibly the Prime Minister’s purpose is to wean the women from entering public life, by giving them a preliminary surfeit of the insolence of office. Will he succeed? We think not.”

The Free Press, St. John’s, August 1921


“We stepped inside, into the crowd, and my eyes could not believe the treasure of beauty that lay within. Heaven. It was like some sort of fluffy heaven, or like a perfect pastry shop that left your taste buds swelling for the finest taste.

— Reporter Ken J. Harvey at the Midsummer’s New Year’s Eve Party at the Hotel Newfoundland, August 1985.

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