Tuesday, June 22, 2010

‘Newfoundland and Labrador is more like Israel'

Top 5 quotes from Premier Danny Williams’ June 9th speech to the Canadian Club of Ottawa:

5) “The blatant disregard of the Régie on the basic principles of open access and non-discrimination was staggering.”

4) “The Régie decision and the political actions of that province demonstrate that Québec believes in free trade only when it benefits Québec.”

3) “Québec’s self interest is harming the provinces, the nation and our country’s international reputation.”

2) “This country needs to stand up and take notice.”

1) “The shock for me as provincial leader is the sense of greed, arrogance and entitlement displayed by Québec, after “milking Newfoundland dry” in the words of a national newspaper.”


Top 3 quotes from a June 13th Montreal Gazette column (Let it go, Newfoundland) by L. Ian Macdonald, in response to Williams’ speech:

3) “When it comes to developing hydroelectric power, Newfoundlanders are like Palestinians — they will never be able to sign a deal.”

2) “Williams isn't wrong on the facts. Newfoundland did get screwed on the Upper Churchill — screwed by its own premier (Joey Smallwood).”

3) “Thirty years ago, when he was president of the Iron Ore Company, Brian Mulroney gave a speech in his hometown of Baie Comeau, in which he suggested a simple solution: front-end load a deal on the Lower Churchill to compensate Newfoundland for its losses on the Upper Churchill.”


Top 3 quotes from Tim Powers’ June 13th online column for The Globe and Mail in response to the Montreal Gazette commentary:

3) “Hauling out the PLO reference goes way too far and also reinforces a tiresome pattern among many opinion leaders of trying to depict Williams as some wild-eyed lunatic despot.”

2) “If Middle East comparisons are in vogue, let's get them right. Newfoundland and Labrador is more like Israel.”

1) “So now Danny Chavez has become Danny Arafat. It might be worthwhile noting the Chavez handle was dropped from the lexicon of his critics after he struck a significant offshore oil deal … never let facts interfere with a good character assassination.”

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Great speech by our Danny. The only problem Ryan, is nobody likes to hear the truth because it always hurts to much.

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