Friday, May 21, 2010

'The Rock never cries'

Blasts from NL’s past

May 2005
“I disagree with that (the Gomery Inquiry into the sponsorship scandal), I think public inquiry causes too much discussion in public.”
— Then-Liberal MP John Efford.

“It is the flesh and blood of exiled Newfoundland, the bodies and souls who still face the sad exodus, which must command the thought and efforts of any Newfoundland administration. It’s the people, stupid. The Rock never cries.”
— Ray Guy.

May 2006
“There are times when I really love it, and I’m really proud of it and there are times when I feel like I just want to leave.”
— Anita Best on her home province.

“I’ve got to see what happens with Mr. Williams. He’s going right off the deep end with ‘It’s going to be our project.’ He can’t forget Quebec. He can’t do it without Quebec.”
— Dave hunt, a past-president of the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce.

May 2007
“He gives me motivation to run for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Newfoundland.”
— Dean MacDonald on Gerry Reid.

“It’s all right for people to say ‘You guys get up and vote against the budget,’ but boy I’ll tell you, there are consequences … sorry, that’s not on.”
— Conservative MP Norm Doyle.

May 1861
“Yesterday being the Queen’s birthday, the flags of different establishments and also the vessels in the harbour were hoisted in honour of the occasion.”
The Standard and Conception Bay Advertiser, Harbour Grace.

May 1884
“Two remarkable freaks of nature could have been seen on board the SS Falcon this morning. One was a Siamese twin seal, having two heads, four eyes, eight flippers and two tails. It was taken from one of the Ranger’s pans, having been killed by one of the latter’s crew. Another seal had two flippers on its back, but possessed no tail. Both have been preserved.”
The Twillingate Sun.

May 1910
“Signs of cod and salmon are reported from nearly all parts of the Bay and in some places several salmon have been caught. The fine weather and the apparent scarcity of icebergs will entice most trap-men to “get busy,” and that they will be blessed with a good voyage is the earnest hope.”
The Enterprise, Trinity.

May 1948
“Dear Sir — Why will I vote for Responsible Government? Because I have faith in the future of my country and faith in my countrymen to govern this country, and on the third of June Newfoundlanders of like faith and courage will face the future and show the world that Newfoundlanders still posses that spirit of independence and love of country that is in the soul of every man and woman worthy of the name.”— Bert M. Tulk.
The Independent, St. John’s.

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