Monday, May 31, 2010

Place your bets

Any chance NL would trade VLTs for a casino?

Here’s an outside-the-box idea: how about trading in every last VLT in the land for a single casino in St. John’s.

There seem to be loads of high rollers in Town with disposable cash.

Just count the million-dollar homes, the Corvettes drag racing on the Outer Ring Road, and the cruise ships squeezing wallets through the Narrows.

It would be a shame not to offer the rich and famous an outlet to vent their excesses.

So get rid of the VLTs in all the nooks and crannies, where problem gamblers aren’t so easy to spot. Or help.

And go with a casino in St. John’s like other big-boy cities.
Forget the rich and famous, mention the VLT debate — whether or not to eliminate video lottery terminals outright — and people say they should have the right to choose.

The same way they can choose to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes.

They don’t want government to make decisions for them.

Pro-choice in every way.

Besides, each of the Maritime provinces has a casino. Nova Scotia has two.

It was only last month that a new $90-million operation opened in Moncton.

The New Brunswick government didn’t spend a dime, but it will get half the profit.

Only a casino wouldn’t make as money as VLTs.

NL makes $75 million a year from the machines.

In comparison, New Brunswick expects to generate $25 million in revenue from Casino New Brunswick in its first year, while Nova Scotia's two casinos in Halifax and Sydney brought in a combined $31 million last year.

Is there any merit in a trade-off?

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Anonymous said...

How many people have to die,or wish they were before our stupid government throws those ripp off ,no entertainment always lose games out of our clubs.The same people i trusted to protect our people are stabbing us in the back.One day someone is going to lose it ...and watch there sleepy droopy mafia eyes open wide then!They are 99% negative 1% good for a pass time for the "rich" who love to throw away there money.That 1% are the ones who want them here.The poor and gulable are the real victoms..

That urge to feel rich for once ,kills them slowly.They go home,take there losses with them.

Why are they still here?Don`t the government steal enough from the middle class who have 9, tenths the education they have,yet only earn about 10% of there income.I think, i see some angry groups forming as we speak with there own solution as how to end the vlt problem.I would love to see them pilled up on main street and party while they burn.I hate them so much.I will not stop until there gone.I will continue to write posts everywhere i can.I am only one person so far,But we cant let our government get away with ripping off our people with those crap ripp off games.The softwere is a scam.And they ruin everyone who plays them.
Posted by vltdestroyer on June 1, 2010 at 11:32 PM | Report this comment

vlt`s are the worst ripp off ever put in our clubs now we have hundreds of mini casinos all over our province.This place i always loved is now mini veges full of people who are hooked, on pre-set mofia style software desighned to depress,and "steal" peoples money.They have zero positives,and now they got them cut down so you will almost always lose.Our government dont care how many lives they destroy.I used to love it here,and wanted to raise a family here.Now i hate my government.Vlt`s are a scammers dream.Now are government is stealing from there own people.Just like the mafia.They just opened a new club here.I just seen 3 people who lost there money there.It was like atlantic lotto shut them all down no hits all take.I heard two people walk out saying they will never ever go to that club again.From what i witnessed it eppeares they shut off all pays before you even start.They are elligally using them to fool people.Whoever approved the softwere is a crook,and was payed well on the side to figure out a way to hurt people and mislead them.The machines pay is about 10% for player and 90% for atlantic lotto.
Posted by vltdestroyer on June 1, 2010 at 11:05 PM | Report this comment

This article seems to present this addiction in a truer light. Take a moment to read it and find the similarities in all the victims involved in this awful cycle.